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Dall Energy have recieved prestigious awards for our technologies and entreprenourship:

Blue Tech Award 2017
The Clean Tech Price  2011

The European Inventor Award 2011

Innovation Price at Expobioenergía 2010

DBDH member of the Year 2009


Blue Tech Award 2017 

In December 2017 was the Dall Energy Furnace selectedBluetech-award as a future technology for China, to reduce the pollotion in China. The Award ceremoni took place in Beijing December 14, 2017

The Bluetech Award is a launched by the Clean Air Alliance of China to bring leading international clean air technologies to the front and center of figth against China´s air pollution.
Clean Air Alliance of China - homepage

Blue Tech Award - homepage

Blue Tech Award - Dall Energy diplom


At a ceremony in Budapest the 19th of May 2011 Jens Dall Bentzen was awarded Europe´s highest distinction for inventors. The ceremony was hosted by the European Patent Office and the award was given to Jens Dall Bentzen for the Dall Energy biomass system.

Jens Dall Bentzen modtager den fornemme pris

A proud Jens Dall Bentzen is congratulated on The European Inventor Award 2011 with a handshake from Jesper Kongstad, CEO of the Danish Patent Office, while Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, and Benoit Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office are watching.

CNN presents Dall Energy Furnace and how biomass can be a useful resource in future energy supply


Photos: European Patent Organization.



Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke´s closing speech before the Danish Parliament´s summer holiday: 
...."In the city of Bogense 6,000 people get their heating from a special biomass ovn. They are warmed by that. And I am warmed by the fact that the inventor of the oven has been awarded the European Patent Award. The honor fell to Jens Dall Bentzen 12 days ago.
High jumpers like Dall Bentzen create growth.
And we must have growth! So the companies can create jobs. So the Danes can make more money. So we get more opportunities."
Read the entire speech here (Danish)

Brian Mikkelsen, the Danish Minister for Economic and Business Affairs:

"Dall Energy is a young engineering company, that proves, that one does not need to be large to make world class patents. Both Dall Energy and Denmark get international recognition with this price.

Lykke Friis, the Danish Minister for Energy and Climate: 

"The project shows how Danish companies create new innovative solutions to a world wide recognized problem: How we best utilize the energy ressources of biomass and waste, so we can become independent of oil and coal."


Article in BrightNow

Article in Financial Times

The European Patent Office description of the invention


Innovation Award 2010

At the Expobioenergía in Valladolid, Spain, in October 2010 Dall Energy was awarded the innovation price. The award was in the category "Medium to large scale Bioenergy Projects" for the Innovation "Dall Energy Furnace".



DBDH member of the Year 2009jes_dall.jpg
On the general assembly March 25, at DBDH (Danish Board of District Heating) Dall Energy was awarded "DBDH  member of the year".

"Mr. Jens Dall was elected because of his outstanding performance regarding contribution, dedication and level of activity. In 2009, Dall Energy has proven to be the most active and conscientious member of the organization"

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