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ORC = Organic Rankine Cycle


To protect the environment and down-stream components is it important to remove as many particulates as possible from the flue gas.


Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) have developed a unique filtering system based on innovative cyclone design.



The core technology in an ACS system is the Hurricane cyclone.

The Hurricane is cyclone is more efficient than any other known cyclone available in the market for the same pressure drop, usually resulting in less than half of the emissions of other high efficiency cyclones available.


Recyclone MH

In order to obtain very high efficiencies and compliance with emission limits, an improved recirculation system has been designed to take advantage of the Hurricane cyclones.


A mechanical ReCyclone® (ReCyclone® MH) is made up of a Hurricane with a particle separator (straight-through cyclone), placed downstream of the cyclone – called the "recirculator".

The main purpose of the recirculator is to reintroduce the fine non captured particles into the cyclone after those have been driven to the outer walls of the recirculator by centrifugal forces.


As with cyclone systems, ReCyclone® MH systems are very robust, do not have temperature limitations and do not have moving parts to be frequently changed.


Recyclone EH

Recent adoption of electrostatic recirculation in the same cyclone system
has successfully proven to further reduce particle emissions, even in the
[1;5] μm particle size range, assuring future regulation compliance, particularly where legal limits are very tight, with the objective of bag filter redundancy.


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