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 In the August 2014 newsletter you can read about:

  • 2 MW Dall Energy plant in USA
  • 9 MW Dall Energy plant in Soenderborg

  • 16 MW Heat and Power Plant 

  • Testing Alternative Fuels 



2 MW Dall Energy plant in USA

Warwick Mills is a leader in the engineering of technical textiles for protective applications. Warwick Mills develop and integrate complex fiber composites for the most challenging safety applications.

Charlie Howland, the owner and manager of Warwick Mills was searching for a biomass furnace that

  • could burn VOCĀ“s in the ventilation air from the factory
  • had very low emissions

Charlie Howland found the Dall Energy technology via a search on the internet.
Now a 2 MW Dall Energy furnace is in operation at Warwick Mills.

Charlie Howland gives a tour of the 2 MW plant


9 MW Dall Energy plant in Soenderborg

On August 22, 2014, Soenderborg district heating company hosted a reception at their new 9 MW biomass plant. Soenderborg celebrated that the main components - Biomass furnace, Boiler, Quench and Fluegas scrubber - were succesfully installed.

The plant is situated in Vollerup and will  supply Vollerup and nabouring towns with district heating.


The biomass plant was designed by Dall Energy and will integrate several innovations of the Dall Energy Biomass concept:

- Two stage gas combustion for low NOx 
- Two stage flue gas condensor for high efficiency

- Compact cheramic filter for clean condensate
- Compact boiler


COWI A/S is the consultant for Soenderborg district heating company.  

The project is supported by "Markedsmodningsfonden".
The plant will be commissioned ultimo 2014.

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Managing director of Soenderborg District Heating,  Erik Wolf (left), and  CEO of Dall Energy,  Jens Dall Bentzen (right), at the new biomass plant. [Photo: Biopress]


16 MW Heat and Power Plant

Dall Energy has received a contract to prepare a 16 MW Heat and Power plant for a Danish Client.

The objective of the plant is :
- Fuel flexibility (25-60% moisture)
- High turn down ratio (4-16 MW heating)    

- High efficiency

- Low emissions


The project is supported by a Grant from EUDP


Heat and power unit. [Photo: Turboden].


Testing Alternative Fuels

Dall Energy is the project manager of a R&D project examining combustion properties of alternative fuels in a Dall Energy multifuel furnace. The project will also investigate a new method for improving the ash quality, so the ash makes a better fertilizer.

Partners: Dall Energy, University of Copenhagen, Sonderboerg District Heating, Warwick Mills, Carlsberg, Komtek, Fiberight, Infarm, HedeDanmark.


 The project is supported by a Grant from EUDP





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