Turnkey CHP Plant for Sindal, Denmark

EPC contract for Combined Heat & Power Plant finalised ahead of time

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The Client

Sindal Varmeforsyning

Utility Company in Sindal maintain focus on CHP

Sindal Varmeforsyning is a utility company that provides district heating for the local area. When new capacity was required, the company decided on a CHP Plant and now produces sustainable heat and electricity based on biomass. The old gas-driven engines are maintained as peaking units. 



CHP on biomass with low emissions

The plant has demonstrated outstanding performance with e.g. both heat output and electrical output exceeding the guaranteed values. Emissions to air comply with the latest EU MCP Directive without having any flue gas filters installed.

Being the first turnkey EPC Plant delivered by Dall Energy it was handed over to the client ahead of time.



Turnkey Plant in commercial operation

The CHP plant was handed over to the client in 2018 and has since then been in commercial operation and produced both heat and electricity. Through integration of a biomass gasification furnace with an ORC turbine the project received funding via the Danish EUDP Programme (a development and demonstration programme that supports new energy technologies). 

“I ‘m deeply impressed; I believe we have a really nice plant here. I’m impressed that it’s CO2-neutral and utilises garden waste wood. What Dall Energy has provided here is the music of the future.”

Lars Christian Lilleholt. Former Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities & Climate at the inauguration ceremony of our CHP plant in Sindal