Imagine if you could throw green garden waste in here to charge this phone….


– or make energy for a whole city 


We invented just that!




Grand opening of 12 MW plant in Sorø

14th October.

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Opening in Rouen, France

Our biggest plant yet on 20 MW

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Dall Energy’s vision is to provide new biomass energy technologies to the global market

We offer low maintenance solutions for district heating networks and the industry

And we reduce environmental impact from energy production by improving air emissions and using locally sourced biomass, which is cheap, sustainable and CO2-neutral

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Dall Energy to supply turnkey boiler island for Dalkia in France

9. September 2019

Dall Energy has developed a new, disruptive biomass furnace that reduces dust and particle emissions by more than 90% and can easily meet the demands in the new directive, and offer a whole new set of other benefits to outperform current state-of-the-art, the well- known grate combustion technology
World Premiere on new Biomass Technology

10. October 2018

Sindal District Heating Company has chosen a new biomass plant, which uses a new gasification technology to achieve fuel flexibility and a very high energy efficiency in order to ensure lower district heating prices in the future for the 1350 homes supplied by district heating. Read more…
Sindal pushes the boundaries of small-scale CHP

5. May 2018

In the Danish town of Sindal, a new small-scale biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant has recently been deployed. Displacing natural gas, the plant uses a novel two-stage gasification technology that supplies the thermal energy to an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine to produce both district heat and power

Prizes won

Award winning technology

Blue Tech Award
Clean Tech Prize
European Inventor Award
Innovation Prize at Expobioenergia
DBDH member of the year

6 Main benefits of our technology

  1. Low air emissions

Full compliance with latest EU MCP emission requirements without the need for Flue Gas Treatment – reducing investment costs compared to grate-fired solutions.

2 High efficiency

Top-of-market performance with overall efficiency up to 110% and up to 25% reduction in electrical own consumption compared to grate-fired solutions

3 Low maintenance costs

Our patented design has no moving parts that are exposed to the high temperatures in the furnace. There is no grate that needs maintenance. Advanced refractory has minimal wear

4 Fuel flexibility

Various types of low quality biomass may be used even with high moisture content. Locally sourced biomass e.g. garden waste is sustainable, CO2-neutral and also cheaper too

5 Simple operation

The 2-metre-thick layer of fuel in the furnace allows full load operation to continue for many hours if an eventual problem occurs in e.g. a fuel feeding crane

6 High turndown ratio

Steady and controlled operation from full load down to 10% load removes need for district heating plants to invest in separate boiler capacity for low load during summertime

I am deeply impressed, I think it is a really really nice plant we have got here. I am impressed that it is CO2 neutral and that you can use garden waste. I think Dall Energy has delivered something here that has future music in it. ”

Lars Christian Lilleholt, the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities & Climate at the inauguration ceremony of our CHP plant in Sindal

Projects in 2021

6 plants in 3 countrys

Local biomass is sustainable and supports CO2 reductions

Utilising locally sourced biomass for energy production is a sustainable way of decreasing CO2 emissions. Because when biomass is burned it only emits CO2 equivalent to what was absorbed by the plants during their growth. Locally sourced biomass should not be confused with import of wood pellets over long distances, which poses very different benefits and challenges.Our patented biomass gasification furnace accepts low-quality biomass such as garden wastes. This enables more local biomass streams to be of benefit in a local, circular resource stream. Local biomass:

1.    Improves utilisation of local resources

2.    Significant price stability compared to electricity or hydrocarbon-based fuels

3.    Reduces need for transportation

4.    Generates more local jobs

Product resumé 

chosen projects

Heating plants

Reduced air emissions

We provide sustainable heat for district heating networks and minimise air emissions to the benefit of the local community

Combined heat & power

CO2-neutral heat and power

Cogeneration based on biomass combined with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology result in a production of sustainable heat and power

Industrial applications

Environmental footprint reductions

Industries targeting environmental footprint reductions will benefit from our technology for reliable and sustainable energy production

Operations support

We support your O&M team

We have limited the scope of maintenance works for your benefit and profit. We are pleased to assist you with remaining works.