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Clairefontaine chose Dall Energy, specifically, due to its unique gasification technology which offers a environmentally friendly and highly scalable solution.
The French government and the energy agency ADEME have a clear strategy of using local biomass, which would otherwise just rotten and compost – emitting large amounts of methane gas and CO2.
Danish biomass gasification and combustion specialists Dall Energy ApS has completed the delivery of a 17 MWth turnkey biomass boiler plant to Rouen, France for the French energy company Dalkia. The heat plant was officially inaugurated on December 10, 2020 with the first fire and handed over on March 5, 2021.
In Denmark, Dall Energy has been selected by local heating utility Sorø Fjernvarme A/S to supply a turnkey combined heat and power (CHP) plant to the town of Sorø.
Dall Energy has developed a new, disruptive biomass furnace that reduces dust and particle emissions by more than 90% and can easily meet the demands in the new directive, and offer a whole new set of other benefits to outperform current state-of-the-art, the well- known grate combustion technology
Sindal District Heating Company has chosen a new biomass plant, which uses a new gasification technology to achieve fuel flexibility and a very high energy efficiency in order to ensure lower district heating prices in the future for the 1350 homes supplied by district heating. Read more…
In the Danish town of Sindal, a new small-scale biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant has recently been deployed. Displacing natural gas, the plant uses a novel two-stage gasification technology that supplies the thermal energy to an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine to produce both district heat and power
The New York Times article about Dall Energy, its furnace performance and the company’s development in the political climate of 2015.


IEA defines a success story as a project/initiative which provides a step forward towards longer-term sustainable bioenergy use
vision for Denmark to become a world leader in the development and delivery of solutions aimed at providing cleaner air.
and status of biomass fired small- and micro scale CHP technologies (88 pages)