Chronologie de l'entreprise 2008-2020
Dall Energy

Chronologie de l'entreprise 2008-2020<br> Dall Energy
octobre 14

🏭 First Fire in Sorø

Base load heat and power plant The plant will be designed for operation on 100% green waste but can also utilise normal wood chips, providing extensive fuel flexibility. The plant will get a thermal capacity of 12 MW heat and approx. 1 MW electricity.
mars 2

Dall Energy is no. 4 among the fastest growing companies in the European energy sector, according to Financial Times.

The Financial Times has found the 1000 fastest growing European companies. Dall Energy is number 68 out of 1000 and number 4 within the category “Energy”, and also the highest ranked Danish company. Read more about the great achievement here.
décembre 10

★ Gazelle Prize 2019

Dall Energy recieves a Gazelle Prize in Copenhagen for being no. 32 among the 2.000 fastest, growing companies in Denmark.
novembre 6

🏭 Sorø Combined Heat & Power Plant

Sorø Combined Heat & Power PlantSorø Combined Heat & Power Plant. 6. november 2019: Signed contract for the delivery and installation of a complete boiler island including all auxiliary systems, electrical supply and control system.
    Read more about the Sorø Powerplant
mars 11

🏭 Contract: Dalkia France

New contract for turnkey delivery of 20 MW furnace in Rouen. Project design and supply are ongoing. Read more about the furnace in Rouen.
juillet 6

🏭 Sindal District Heating

6 MW CHP plant. Turnkey delivery of complete combined heat & power plant. Plant enters into commercial operation. Read more about the Sindal project
décembre 14

★ Blue Tech Award

The Dall Energy furnace was selected Bluetech-award winner as a future technology for reducing pollution in China. The award ceremony took place in Beijing on December 14, 2017  
septembre 30

🏭 Sønderborg District Heating

9 MW Dall Energy biomass plant. Dall Energy furnace enters into commercial operation. Read more about the project in Sønderborg.
juillet 31

🏭 Warwick Mills, USA

2 MW Dall Energy biomass plant. Dall Energy furnace enters into commercial operation in dual-purpose industrial application, removing pollutants from ventilation air and providing steam for the industrial process.
mars 31

🏭 Bogense District Heating

8 MW Dall Energy Furnace. The first Dall Energy furnace enters into commercial operation.