5 plants worldwide 


5 Biomass furnaces in commercial operating / under construction

2018 France: 

20 MW furnace in Rouen with Dalkia.

Turnkey delivery including design, procurement, installation and commissioning of furnace, boiler and all related auxiliary equipment.

2016 Denmark:

6 MW CHP plant for Sindal District Heating.

Turnkey EPC contract for Combined Heat & Power Plant completed ahead of schedule. Includes ORC turbine generator producing CO2 neutral electricity.

2015 Denmark:

9 MW furnace for Sønderborg District Heating

The furnace in Sønderborg has documentet the limited amount of operation and maintenance required as a result of our improved furnace design.

2013 USA: 

2 MW furnace for Warwick Mills Industry in USA.

Dual-purpose furnace in Industrial application providing heat for the industrial process and removing VOC pollution from air exhaust.

2012 Denmark:

8 MW furnace for Bogense District Heating 

The first Dall Energy furnace entered into commercial operation in Bogense in year 2012. Is currently fuelled by 80% green waste wood.

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