12 MW project in Sorø, Denmark

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The Client

News feature from TV2 News june. 3 2020

(danish only)

Sorø Fjernvarme

New CHP Plant will be based on renewable fuel

The local heating utility company called Sorø Fjernvarme is owned by AffaldPlus, who collects green waste from e.g. gardens and public parks in areas around Sorø city. The collected green waste is surplus wood which can be used as fuel in the new plant. This way the energy of the local biomass can be reclaimed and utilized for district heating and electricity.



Base load heat and power plant

The plant will be designed for operation on 100% green waste but can also utilise normal wood chips, providing extensive fuel flexibility. The plant will get a thermal capacity of 12 MW heat and approx. 1 MW electricity. The plant efficiency will be up to 110% (LCV based) depending on the fuel quality.


Opening in Sorø

October 14th 2021

Design and construction

The furnace design started in Q4 2019, and the plant is scheduled for commercial operation during the summer of 2021. Installation works has been ongoing since december 2020.

The scope of Dall Energy comprises a biomass gasification furnace and a hot oil boiler, including all associated auxiliary equipment e.g. fans, piping, a fuel feeding system, ash handling system and and electrical & control systems. Dall Energy is responsible for turnkey delivery of the equipment, including design, procurement, installation and commissioning.