Turnkey Boiler Island for Dalkia in France

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The Client

Dalkia as a French industrial giant.

Big industrial client with green ambitions.

Dalkia is a part of the EDF Group and currently operates hundreds of energy plants in France and has also other activities in the remaining Europe and the USA. They currently operate more than 350 heating and cooling networks that supply heat to the equivalent of more than 2 million households.Dalkia is responsible for a large-scale expansion of the district heating network in the city of Rouen. Part of this upgrade is the installation of new heat generation capacity. The heating plant will be based on the Dall Energy gasification technology in order to comply with the city’s requirement for reducing its environmental footprint for non-ETS sectors (sectors that are not quota-regulated via the EU Emissions Trading System). The plant is designed to operate on local biomass of various qualities, which will be sourced locally.



Base load heating plant

Our scope includes a furnace and a boiler, being designed to supply up to 17 MW of heat for more than 7,000 operation hours per year, and it will be a base load heating plant in the local district heating network. As the network has no accumulation tanks the plant will adjust the heat output according to any alternations in the heat demand.


Construction ongoing

Design and construction

The furnace design started in Q4 2018 under a pre engineering agreement. After obtaining effective contract in March 2019 the design, procurement and construction has been ongoing.

The scope of Dall Energy comprises a biomass gasification furnace and a hot water boiler, including all associated auxiliary equipment e.g. fans, piping, switchboards, a fuel feeding system and an ash handling system. Dall Energy is responsible for turnkey delivery of the equipment, including design, procurement, installation and commissioning.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 811529.