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The Client

Warwick Mills Inc.

Design and manufacture in New Hampshire, USA

Warwick Mills is a manufacturer of technical textiles for protective applications. In their factory complex fibre composites are developed and manufactured for miscellaneous safety applications. This includes research and development, testing and full-scale manufacturing.Warwick Mills purchased the Dall Energy biomass gasification furnace in Denmark, transported it to USA and incorporated it into their production facilities.



Low emissions and high VOC removal rate

The plant is currently in commercial operation producing environmentally friendly heat for the factory. At the performance test the furnace operated with a VOC destruction efficiency of 99.8-99.9 %, meaning the VOC content in the stack was even less than what was found outdoors due to natural sources. Emissions of NOx, CO and dust were extremely low: NOx: 40 ppm, CO: 10 ppm, dust: 10 mg/Nm3 and the plant do not have any types of baghouse, ESP, cyclones or catalyst installed. 


Industrial Applications

Reliable heat and VOC destruction for factory

Since 2014 the furnace has covered two applications for the factory: removal of VOC pollution from ventilation air to comply with the law requirements while also providing sustainable heat covering the factory’s needs. 

“We are really excited to announce some absolutely fantastic results…” 

Plant Manager, Charlie Howland 

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