Furnace in Bogense, Denmark

Furnace proven cost-effective in commercial operation

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The Client

A view of the streets in the charming city of Bogense


Furnace in district heating plant

The biomass plant in Bogense is operated by Bogense Forsyningsselskab, that runs the local district heating network, the heating plants and that also operates the city water distribution.

The biomass heating plant was supplied by Weiss as the overall EPC contractor of the project. Weiss purchased from Dall Energy a license to use the furnace technology, and Dall Energy had the responsibility to design and specify the furnace.



8 MW furnace producing cost-effective heat

The furnace produces a significant part of the heat for the local district heating network. Gas engines are also incorporated into the grid as e.g. peaking units.

After a running-in period the biomass plant has had several years with the lowest heat price in its region! This was possible because of the professional operation works undertaken by Bogense Forsyningsselskab and because the plant is fuelled by a mixture of 80% garden waste and 20% wood chips.

The biomass furnace was divided into several items for transportation purposes. Here the largest single item is seen arriving in Bogense.


Operation status

Proof-of-concept in commercial operation

The plant was handed over to the client in 2012. Subsequently, the owner, Bogense Forsyningsselskab, has reduced their heat prices several times, eventually having the cheapest heat price in the entire region. The plant currently operates on a fuel mixture that primarily consists of garden waste.