Furnace for Sønderborg, Denmark

Key reference proving low maintenance costs

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The Client

Sønderborg Forsyning

Utility company in Sønderborg

Sønderborg Forsyning is the local utility company and provides many services, including district heating and collection of garden waste from public areas and private gardens. Our gasification furnace in Sønderborg has demonstrated continuous operation on various biomass fuels, including operation on 100% green waste wood and wood chips mixed with mash (a by-product from brewing process) or with manure fibres (a by-product from biogas production).



Documents low maintenance costs

The furnace produces a significant part of the heat consumed in the local district heating network. The utility also operates grate-incineration heating plants that demonstrate the low maintenance costs of our furnace compared to grate incineration. This is mainly because there is no grate that requires maintenance and because the refractory’s operational environment is designed to be very favourable.


Operation Status

Furnace in commercial operation

Dall Energy had the responsibility to design and specify the biomass gasification furnace and selected auxiliary equipment related to construction of the biomass plant in Sønderborg. The biomass plant has produced sustainable heat for several years in synergy with the local solar heating plant and with oil boilers as peaking units.