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Sustainable biomass technology


Dall Energy´s products are based on our own technologies which were developed, refined and patented over the past few decades.

Due to very low dust emission from the Dall Energy furnace our heating plants do not need bagfilters or an electro filter in that the flue gas condenser provides sufficient particle removal. The table below provides an overview of our furnace performance compared to a traditional grate solution and the European air emissions requirements.

Air Emissions

 Dust [mg/Nm3] (in EU)

 NOx [mg/Nm3] (in EU)

CO [mg/Nm3]:

at 100 % Load

at 10 % Load

Legal requirements





Typical grate-technology

 500 – 1000 out of furnace, or

100 – 125 after condensation.


< 600

Operation not possible

Dall Energy solution

30 – 60 at the furnace outlet

10 – 20 after condensation.


< 10

< 20

The table above indicates the relevant Danish legal requirements for air emissions based on Order No. 751 of 28/05/2018 (cf. EU MCP Directive).

The requirements are defined at 273.15 K, 101.3 kPa and 6% O2 dry basis.

Air Emissions

Dust [mg/Nm3] (in EU)

Required by Law: 30

Typical grate solution: 500 – 1000 out of furnace, or 100 – 125 with flue gas scrubber

Dall Energy solution

100 – 200

 NOx [mg/Nm3] (in EU)

Required by Law: 300

Typical grate solution: 200 – 300

Dall Energy solution

100 – 200

CO [mg/Nm3] (in Denmark):

Required by Law: (100% load) 850

(10% load) 850

Typical grate solution:  Operation not possible

Dall Energy solution

(100% load) < 10

(10% load) < 20

Above air emissions requirements are based on EU Directive 2015/2193 of 25 November 2015 (the EU MCP Directive) and requirements are defined at 273,15 K, 101,3 kPa, 6% O2 dry basis. Requirements for CO differ in between the individual EU countries and thus we have stated the Danish limits. DK: BEK nr 751 af 28/05/2018

In the city of Bogense 6,000 people get their heating from a special biomass oven. They are warmed by that. And I am warmed by the fact that the inventor of the oven has been awarded the European Inventor Award..."

Former Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen