Particle removal in condensator

In biomass plants flue gas condensation inevitably results in particles which accumulate in the condensate water. When the condensate has a high content of particles, the heat exchangers and nozzles tend to plug up and pumps and other components face reduced life time. Also, the excess condensate must be cleaned before it is discharged into the local sewer system. 

Dall Energy has developed and patented a system where the condensate is cleaned more effectively than normal. In the Dall Energy system most of the particles are removed by the quench prior to the flue gas condensator. The quench water, which contains the particles, is used for e.g. ash moisturising or temperature control of the furnace. Hereby the particles are removed from the high-concentration source and particle reinjection into the flue gas condenser is prevented.

Flue gas condensation

We have developed and patented a flue gas condensation system with superior efficiency

In many countries flue gas condensation is used to increase heating plant efficiency by up to 30%. This has been further developed by Dall Energy in a system which is integrated with the humidification of primary combustion air. This results in increased efficiency and effective removal of particles from the condensate.