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Heat pumps or local biomass – risk analysis..

Fjernvarmen | March 2019

A risk analysis regarding installation of new electrical driven heat pumps in Danish district heating networks compared to using local biomass, including economical comparison.

World Premiere on new Biomass Technology…

HOT & COOL | October 2018

“Sindal District Heating Company has chosen a new biomass plant, which uses a new gasification technology to achieve fuel flexibility and very high energy efficiency…”

New Biomass Technology ensures cheap heat in Sindal

Maskinmesteren | June 2018

Danish article describing how Sindal District Heating establishes a biomass plant with new gasification technology to increase fuel flexibility, plant efficiency and secure a low heating price in the city.

Denmark, a Green Energy Leader, Slows Pace of Its Spending

New York Times | December 2015

The New York Times article about Dall Energy, its furnace performace and the company development in the political climate of 2015

Videos from Dall Energy

CNN International

Dall Energy featured in Quest Means Business on CNN

(English speak) 

15 APR 2016

Sindal Heating Plant

(English subtitles) 

06 MAY 2016

Gasification furnace animation

Sep 2010

Presentation intro of Dall Energy from European Inventor Award 

19 may 2011


Heating Plant

(Danish speak) 

11 APR 2016


Heating Plant

(English speak) 

11 APR 2016


Réseau de Chaleur

(en Français

11 APR 2016

Reports & White Papers

IEA Bioenergy Succes Story

IEA Bioenergy | February 2018

IEA defines a success story as a project/initiative which provides a step forward towards longer-term sustainable bioenergy use

Task 32 Best Practices Report

IEA Bioenergy | February 2019

Best practise report on decentralized biomass fired CHP plants and status of biomass fired small- and micro scale CHP technologies

The core in Denmark’s environmental efforts

Dansk Energi & Dansk Fjernvarme | 2016

Conclusions about utilization of local biomass in Danish CHP plants and the benefits it provides for Danish environment, forestry and the electrical grid.


Dall Energy Logo & Pictures for the press

Jens Dall Bentzen

Jens Dall Bentzen

Jens Dall Bentzen

Sindal CHP Plant

Warwick furnace

Sønderborg Heating Plant

Dall Energy Logo

Tech drawings, Sindal diagram

3D model of gasification furnace

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